About Us : 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Gardi and I, along with my wife Maria Santelli of 23 years, own and operate Gardelli Motors.  In case you are wondering Gardelli is a combination of both of our last names.  We have 3 sons ages 16 Nicky, 20 Michael & 22 Anthony, that like to help out also between school and soccer.  We are a small to mid-sized used car dealership that specializes in providing personalized service.  We can handle all your automotive needs as we have access to literally thousands of vehicles across North America on a weekly basis.  We handle everything from sourcing, financing, to registering your new vehicle.  We are very picky about the cars we sell which is part of the reason we have chosen to stay small.  We want to deal with every customer personally so we can build a long lasting relationship. 

Our goal is to be able to serve all of your family's current and future automotive needs.

Over the years, we have continually adapted to the ever changing market.  In today's market place most dealer's are importing a large selection of their inventory from the US.  Well, Gardelli Motors has been importing cars from the US for almost a decade.  We learned a long time ago that we could find certain vehicles down south that were very difficult to find here at home.  We search across all of North America to find the cleanest vehicles at the best possible prices.  If I have to go to Texas, California or Florida to get them, well so be it.  We are willing to go any distance, literally, for our customers.

Gardelli Motors has never been about selling lots of volume.  Most high volume dealers I have looked at have no choice but to compromise on the quality of the used cars that they buy.  Gardelli Motors has always been about selling quality and offering personal service. 

No hassles, no pressure, just good old fashioned service and honest dealings.

At Gardelli Motors you'll always deal directly with one of the owners.  Our name and reputation goes on every vehicle we sell.  If we would not feel comfortable putting our own family in the car then we simply will not sell it.

At Gardelli Motors you will always be treated like one of the family.

Thank you very much for visiting our website.

Phone:  (519) 521-4782                                   Email:  gardellimotors@rogers.com