1999 Plymouth Prowler  
Black Black Leather 2 Door Automatic Sport Shift
42,000 MILES 0360 Free & Clear 3.5 Liter 6 cylinder


If you are looking for an exceptional Plymouth Prowler with a clean documented history then you can consider your search over.  This is the car for you.   This is a 1 owner car that was babied and garaged since new.  There is a bit of a sad story that goes with this car.  This was the dream car of the original owner and his wife.  They were in their sixties and this car was their baby.  Unfortunately the wife died 6 months ago from cancer and the husband could not stand to look at the car anymore because it was just too hard. 


This car is like the day it came off the showroom floor.  There is not a scratch or ding anywhere.  The chrome rims are perfect.  The leather interior is perfect.     

The car comes with a custom built trailer, Luggage Rack and the original Prowler Car Cover. The car is in immaculate shape and runs a drives perfectly.  The car has all the original books, build sheet, window sticker, cards, 2 sets of keys and 2 keyless entry remotes as well.  This car also comes with the original Chrysler music CD that has never been opened. This car was meticulously maintained and every service was performed perfectly as it should have been.

The paint on the car looks incredible and every person that sees the car can not believe that it is a 1999 model. They think it is a 2005 or 2006 car since it looks so awesome. The motor in the car is just as clean as the outside of the car and it looks practically brand new as well. The rims on the car are the high chrome prowler rims and they have no scratches or scrapes at all on them. The tires on the car were replaced about 3 months ago and they have probably 1250 miles on them since new. The front tires are Goodyear Eagle HP 215/40/ZR17's and the rear's are Goodyear Eagle HP 295/40/ZR20's.

If you have never owned one of these cars then you might not know that they have little to no luggage space at all in them. The custom built all Fiberglass cart is lightweight and hitches on to the Prowler and has tons of space in it for all of your luggage. The Prowler has the Mopar original hitch system and the ball and arm can be removed when the trailer is not being used. The wiring harness is also Mopar original and all lights on the trailer work as they should.

The transmission in this car shifts perfectly and the tip-tronic feature this car has is really nice. All you have to do is put the car all the way down to the bottom and press right and left to self-shift the gears yourself.  Or, just put it in drive and let the car shift normally.

Needless to say if you have been looking for a really nice Prowler at a very reasonable price, then I urge you to look no further. This car runs, drives and handles just like a new car and has lots of extras with it also. The dependability of this car is awesome, and I would not hesitate to jump in this car and take off to California because it is just that good of a car.   It is hard to find a car like this in such good condition and also at such a reasonable price.

















Phone:  (519) 521-4782                                   Email:  gardellimotors@rogers.com




Thank you for your interest in this vehicle.  


Phone:  (519) 521-4782                                   Email:  gardellimotors@rogers.com