1 OWNER SINCE 1987 ! !


1985 Porsche 930 Turbo Factory Slant Nose  
Red Black Leather 2 Door Coupe 4 Speed Manuel
59,995 miles   Free & Clear 3.3 Liter - Lots of horse power !



That's right, this is the real deal.  You may never see a car like this again let alone have the opportunity to purchase one.  There is a considerable amount of history behind the Porsche Slant Nose.  I have most of the story below.   If you are a Porsche fan you will find it interesting.  When you buy and own a car like this you are buying a piece or Porsche history which can only go up in value over time.


This is a true European Factory Slant Nose car.  It is not an after market conversion or kit as most Slant Noses are that you will see for sale.  It was not easy and took us more than 2 years but we finally managed to get the history of this car from Porsche overseas. It was sold new in Germany. This car has had only 1 owner since 1988 prior to us owning the car. That, in and of itself is quite amazing. The car was always serviced at the same mechanic.  It was owned by a successful commodities from Manhattan, NY.  He purchased the car from Huntington Autohaus Ltd. (a New York Porsche dealer) on November 12, 1988.  I even have his original bill of sale.  I also have all of his maintenance records for the car.    The car was always garage kept and babied.  The photos really say it all.


Technical Build Information From Porsche Overseas :

engine 930/66 number 67F0XXXX

gearbox 930-36 number 77F0XXXX

color G1 = guards red

interior VD = leather black

delivered April '85 to 115=Hahn, Fellbach

Options :

058 = impact absorbers front and rear

261 = electric mirror passenger's side

567 = green colored windscreen with darker upper part

650 = sliding roof


Car was converted in exclusive-department.

Slant nose version with pop up lights.

Front spoiler with oil cooler.

Vented front fenders.

Rear fenders with air inlets.

Side trim covers.


As I'm sure you can tell from the photos below, the car really is pristine in every way especially when considering it is almost 30 years old.   Please understand that it's not perfect, there are a few minor imperfections as would be expected on any 30 year old car.  You may see some stone chips on the front bumper in the photos below but I have had the bumper painted since taking the photos.  There are small stress cracks from the top outside corner of the headlight holes.  The tires are in excellent condition.   I just had the car inspected by a Porsche specialist and he was amazed by the car and it's originality and condition.   


If you have any questions please give me a call anytime.   The car is available for viewing anytime.


If you would like a Porsche but just not this one or maybe even another type of vehicle, just let me know and I can try to get it for you.  I have a lot of sources and contacts. 





When the now famous Porsche 935 'Moby Dick' came out in 1978 (see photo below), it sported a new front design which eliminated the 911's round headlights, forming a totally flat hood 'slant nose' or slope nose. In 1981 Porsche offered a Slant Nose conversion in Europe under the Exclusive label in Werks 1. It wasn't until 1987 that the Porsche factory began offering the Slant Nose body option to the 930 Turbo for the US market.  The Porsche 930S is the 930 Turbo Slant Nose.  Generally, the factory built Slant Nose configurations were built at twice the price of the regular car. These cars now are worth much more than the normal body style. There are also some aftermarket Slant Nose cars but they are not worth nearly as much as a factory original car.  The factory Slant Nose option was an additional $29,500 US on top of the $85,000 US Turbo 930 base price. Making the car list over $126,000 US in 1987!

Flachbau is a very rare edition of the exotic Porsche 930S Turbo 3.3 from the actual Porsche factory Werks 1. The Porsche 930S, Turbo 930 Slant Nose is one of the worlds greatest exotic sports car. These are very rare exotic sports cars; with less than 300 produced for the US market over its lifetime. There is very little published technical data on them because they are so rare.  I have tried to put together what I could find here.

 During the the 80's Porsche produced the 930S Turbo 3.3 as a limited and exclusive model based on 935 Moby Dick racer. The cars were modified by a special department of the factory to remind the public of the look and the success of the 935 'Moby Dick' race car. With its striking looks and its improved engine, the 930S turbo 3.3 Flachbau is really exciting to drive and the accelerations of the turbocharged engine will plant you firmly into the seat and leave you with an impression that you will not soon forget.

The 930S is a very very rare car since less than 500 of these models were ever manufactured in the world. Between 1987 to 1989 a total of 300 cars were sent to the US. 930 / 911 Turbo Body w/factory slant nose production numbers from Porsche. From 1981 through 1986 under the Exclusive label in Werks I a total of 262 cars were built. Between 40 and 60 930S slant nose cars per year.

In 1987 through 1989 Porsche made both the Targa and a Cabriolet available as a Turbo model as well as the traditional 911 Turbo coupes, in addition to the standard production cars. Porsche had been doing custom work for their customers in Europe at their customer service department in Werks I for several years.  They started a program that they call the "Sonderwunsche-Programm" (Special Wishes Program) where they offered their customers a catalog of conversions, modifications and customizing work. Starting with the slant nose body option PCNA was starting to offer a version of this program to their US customers as the "Porsche Exclusive Program".

All of the original Slant Nose Conversions built before 1987 were built by Werks 1 by their Special Wishes program. You cannot tell these cars by their VIN number. There are a couple of things to look for on the car to determine if it is a factory original or not.  First, it will have 2 separate motors for the flip up headlights. Second, the horizontal slats in front of the rear wheels will be wood. Third, look for the German octane sticker on the back of the gas lid door.  After 1987 the Slant Nose version was manufactured in production under option number M505. The M505 is a USA/Canada version of the 930 Turbo based on the body types coupe, Targa and Convertible and M506-Slant Nose is the (RoW) or 'Rest of the World' version.

M505 and M506 -- cars have the following conversions: Slant nose with concealed headlights Wheel house vents (Louvers) in front fenders Entrance trim panels (boxed rockers) left and right Air inlet ducts (brake ducts) with connectors in rear fenders Oil cooler with blower in right rear air inlet duct.

   930S Turbo Slant Nose Euro Edition  

 An extremely rare automobile ! 

This car is for the true collector !  This machine is a work of art and is truly for the collector minded !

These cars are very very rare, with less than 40 Euro models manufactured per year between 1981 and 1989.  For example, in 1987 there were only 37 cars produced for markets outside of North America in the Special Wish program.  In addition this was the first year for the official factory option for the US, which started in March of 1987. If you found one of these 1987 930s Euro cars you would be looking at only one of 37 cars made.

Needless to say the car below is extremely rare, highly collectable and very, very valuable !



1981 - 1              1982 - 38              1983 - 35              1984 - 34              1985 - 44              1986 - 52              1987 - 33

Total Production only 237  !

How many do you think are still around today ?  Probably not too many.

Needless to say the car below is extremely rare, highly collectable and very, very valuable !














Thank you for your interest in this vehicle.  


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