1981 Ferrari 308 GTSi ZFFAA02A8B0034747
Red Black Leather 2 Door with Removable Top Manual 5 speed
    Free & Clear V8


I have bought and sold a lot of cars but I can honestly say that this is without a doubt the most beautiful car I have had the pleasure of owning.   Even though I am a dealer and I have beautiful cars coming and going all the time, this particular car is the first one that I have ever really seriously considered keeping for myself.  Yes, it is that beautiful and I am still undecided on the issue.  So, for those of you that are going to make a ridiculous offer on the car, please don't waste your time.  If I don't get a fair price for what the car is then I'll just keep it.  The value will only go up in the future.  The beauty that these cars exude really is tough to describe, you have to experience it.  They really are works of art.  It sounds crazy but I can't even walk by the car without stopping for at least 5 minutes to look (stare) at it.  You can ask my wife, she'll tell you that is no exaggeration. 


This particular car has some nice features that make it a one of a kind.  If you are looking for a completely original vehicle then I'm sorry but this is probably not the car for you.  If you are looking for a car that looks like something that would cost thousands of dollars more, then perhaps this car might be for you. 


You are looking at a 1981 Ferrari 308 GTSi.  This is the fuel injected model which is a lot quieter and smoother than its predecessor.  However the car has had some updates done to it which make it look more like a 1988 Ferrari.   Considering that an 88 Ferrari would cost around $65000 you are going to save a lot of money when you purchase this car.  You get the look of an 88 for the price of an 81, not a bad deal.  From looking at several different cars it looks like the following parts have been updated.  Front and rear bumpers, possibly the hood since it has the louvers, the wheels are 16" and with beautiful high polish finish where 81's had 15" wheels, side body kit with air ducts in front of rear wheels, the upper spoiler on the rear trunk, it's possible the whole rear trunk has been updated because the 81 model does not have the spoiler lip along the tail of the car.  If there has been any body work done to add the rear tail, it is flawless to me and I am pretty picky. 


Although there is no way of knowing for sure, there are no signs that the car has been smoked in, the lighter looks unused.   The removable top is in excellent condition.  The carpeting looks like new.  The door panels are excellent. The dash is excellent.  The gages look excellent.  The steering wheel looks great.  The carpet and leather on the rocker panels as you step into the car also look pristine.  This car has Daytona seats which are very comfortable and extremely rare on this model car.  The leather is in excellent condition.  There is a little wear but very negligible.  You can see in the photos that the piping on the outside of the driver's seat is worn through.  I am going to try and get this replaced.   The Ferrari red paint is absolutely pristine.  The color is extremely vibrant and deep and there are no areas of fading.  With the exception of the odd very small chip or scratch, which I will have touched up professionally, the paint is pristine and close to flawless. 


This car really is an amazing find and I think it is in a class by itself.  We recently sold a 1979 308 with 42000 miles that only had 2 owners and was always stored in a heated garage.  That car was in great shape but it could not hold a candle to this car.  I honestly do not know if the paint is original or not.  It is not unusual for a car of this vintage to have been painted at some point in time but you can usually find imperfections that give it away.  I can say that if it has been painted the work is impeccable and possibly the best I have ever seen.  There are no waves in the paint and you would be hard pressed to find any imperfections period.  Please keep in mind that the car is 25 years old so if you look hard enough you may find the odd minor imperfections.  I have seen 2 year old cars that do not look as clean as this car does though. 


My mechanic has inspected the car very closely and there are no signs that it has never been in an accident.  The engine purrs like a kitten and it drives straight down the road.  The tires on the car in the photos are cracked and showing their age so I am putting on brand new Bridgestone Pole Position tires.  They are on order and I should have them installed by Sept 15.  They are Bridgestone's new top of the line high performance tire with excellent performance and consumer ratings. They are the best performance tire I could buy in a matching set front and rear. 


This car is simply amazing to drive.  This car turns heads everywhere it goes.  I can hardly pull in a parking lot that someone doesn't follow me in to ask if they can have their picture taken with the car. 


The car has a top of the line Clifford alarm system with remote.  The locks have even been wired in to the alarm system so the car even has power locks.  The car also has an amazing sound system including an Eclipse am/fm CD stereo, alpine speakers, a boom box behind the head rests and a huge power amp in the back. 


There are a few minor things that are not currently working but we will be working on getting them fixed.  These include: the passenger window does not go down, a broken heating/temp switch in the center console, missing logo on the dash in front of the passenger, partial missing 308 GTSi logo on the rear end, missing passenger seat belt female end, missing shocks on rear trunk and no spare tire.  There is some curb rash along the bottom of the front spoiler, you can see it in the photos.


As for where the car came from and it's history, I am working on trying to get more information on this in my spare time, but here is what I can tell you so far.  The car came from a multi million dollar estate settlement in California, $50 million to be exact.  Unfortunately, the only person that knew anything about the car was the person that passed away.  He had an extensive car collection including several classic cars and muscle cars.  This car was one of his collection.  Please do not ask me who it was because I don't know, at least not yet.  The bottom line on this car is basically, what you see is what you get.  We did not get any books or records with the car but after my mechanic's inspection it is obvious that a lot of money has been spent on this car mechanically.  The person paying the bill did not spare any expense because top of the line parts were used.  The front and rear suspension has been done, front flux lines and front and rear coils have all been replaced.  As you can see in the photos, the engine is almost spotless.  If we were going to take an educated guess, we would venture to say that there is a very good chance that it may have been out and serviced.  The fact that the car runs so well would also support this theory.


Well, I think that is about all I can say for the time being.  If I learn anything new I will add it.  In the mean time I will just enjoy the car.  Please feel free to email any questions. 


Thank you for your interest in this vehicle.   Please call or email anytime.  I keep this car stored indoors so viewing this car is by appointment only please.  We are available 7 days a week anytime of day.

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   This car would look great in your driveway ! !  





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