35,500 miles  (57,129 km) 0609 Free & Clear 3.5 L VTEC


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Here is a nice clean, low mileage, top of the line 2007 Honda Pilot EX-L  !


As you will see in the photos below this vehicle is a loaded top of the line vehicle.   This vehicle has just arrived at our dealership.  Please have a look at the  photos below and email or call me anytime with any questions that you may have.  If you are interested in this car please give me a call.  I am in and out all the time so if you are coming by please call me at 519-521-4782 ahead to let me know that you are coming.  That way I can make sure I am here for you and that I am not busy with someone else.  This is a one owner off lease vehicle that we purchased from Honda Finance.  The car is very clean and I can assure you that it has not been in any accidents ! 

We are selling this vehicle certified and e-tested.   All options and features work properly.  The vehicle drives excellent and I would not hesitate to drive it to Florida tomorrow.  This is a previous US vehicle. 


Low mileage clean Honda's are tough to come by unless you go to the dealer and pay top dollar.  Even then they are tough to come by.  This is your chance to get a great vehicle at a great price.  Don't wait too long,  Honda's like this one usually do not stay on the lot for very long. 


Something to Consider . . .

If you are price comparing with other dealerships please keep the following in mind.  Do not just let price be your deciding factor when buying your new vehicle.  There is a lot more to buying a used vehicle than trying to get the lowest price.  I can guarantee if you go out and purchase the cheapest car you can find, you may regret it in the future.  There is a reason it's cheap and that reason is probably not good.  Please be wary of scams on the internet.  Be especially careful when dealing with private sellers where you the consumer have absolutely no buyer protection like you do when you buy from a licensed dealer.  Pre-purchase inspections are always welcome at Gardelli Motors.

Our vehicles will rarely be the cheapest on the market but on the other hand, they will never be the most expensive, or even close to the most expensive.  We're far from being the highest price and I have no desire to be the lowest price.  We're fair.

Remember the saying, "you get what you pay for."    This is very true when buying a used vehicle.

We are very picky about the cars that we buy.  We hand pick all of our inventory from thousands of vehicles that are available to us every week.  Many of them have been in accidents, or are very rough, many have previous repair work, dents, heavy scratches, etc.  Those are the cars that end up being the cheapest on the market, because they were the cheapest at the dealer auction.  Those are not the cars that we buy, no matter how cheap they are.   Our philosophy is why buy a car that's really rough or that has been in an accident when for a little more work and a little more money you can buy one that hasn't.  We do our very best to make sure that the cars we sell have a very minimal amount of normal wear and tear.  It is impossible to get a perfect used car.  If you see a similar vehicle that is prices for a lot less than ours then there is a reason.  We will not sell a car that we would not own or drive ourselves.  Please feel free to shop around and compare but please be careful.  We're sure you'll be back to see us.

When you deal with Gardelli Motors you will deal with the owners, Maria and Paul, and not a salesman that may not be around when you need to purchase your next vehicle. 

Our pledge is to sell good clean reliable vehicles at fair and competitive prices.



If you don't like the color or would like more or less mileage give me a call and I'll get another one for you. Pilots are one of our favorite vehicles so we always try to have a selection of them.  With the recent increase in the value of the US dollar they are going to be much tougher to buy than they have been for the past year.  If you would like a Pilot and I don't have one that will work for you I .


We are a licensed registered dealer in the province of Ontario so there are a few additional costs over an above the purchase price of the car.  These include 5% GST for Canadian residents only,  8% PST for Ontario residents only, $199 administration fee,  license fees for Ontario residents.


We are set up with banks and leasing companies so if you need assistance in that department we can certainly help.  Simply give me a call anytime or email me your number and the best time to call and I will get back to you at my expense.  Sorry but we do not have an 800 #.


We can assist in shipping this beautiful van anywhere in the world.  Shipping is additional of course.


Phone:  (519) 521-4782                                   Email:












Phone:  (519) 521-4782                                   Email:




Thank you for your interest in this vehicle.